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Hi, my name is Andrew Black and I am an Engineer in Training (EIT) with a BS degree in mining engineering from the University of Utah. As a father of 2 boys under the age of 2, I have learned a great deal of patience and understanding which has helped my teaching greatly. I believe strongly that every student is capable of every subject, including the “hard” ones like math and science. I have had the great opportunity of helping those close to me pass classes and tests they thought they couldn’t. I have a strong background in math and sciences, but also am fluent in the German language.

I enjoy the outdoors immensely and have a great appreciation for the beauty in this state. From day fishing trips to local reservoirs, to week long backpacking trips in the Uintahs I love it all. I also love sports and the local teams. I have owned season tickets to all of the major sports teams in Salt Lake City and enjoy cheering them on. I believe the outdoors and sports add an excitement and a balance to my life that is crucial to my own sanity.