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How do I know if I need a tutor?
Tutoring is not just for struggling students.  Tutoring is for EVERYONE.  We have services to match your needs.  Here are some reasons to consider using Totally Tutoring:

  • Your child is struggling in Reading, Math or homework in general.  Is this resulting in diminished confidence and added frustration?  Is homework time a struggle at your home?
  • You need to ACE an entrance exam, whether it be the ACT, the MCAT – we can help!  We can help you achieve your desired score.
  • Struggle with organization, essay writing, or studying for tests?

Tutoring can help your child get ahead during the summer months.  Tutoring has shown a 2.6 month computation increase in a child’s Reading and Math skills in less than a month.

Are there any particular methods that you use?
We tailor each and every tutoring session to your needs.  We do not use a blanketed approach.  We cater to your needs or the needs of your child.

What process do you use to choose tutors?
We can suggest a fabulous tutor based on the subject and tutoring location.  You are also welcome to read the bio section on our website to see if a certain tutor may be the right fit for you.             

Do you tutor kids with special needs?
Yes, we work with many people who have special needs, both physical and developmental.  Please speak with us directly about your child’s needs and we will develop a plan that is tailored towards them specifically.

What grade levels do you tutor?
We do it all!  We tutor everything and anything from Kindergarten to College.  We also tutor for Spanish classes as well as have sessions for Adults in an array of subjects.  Totally Tutoring also offers tutoring to help people learn to speak, read & write English.

What subjects do you tutor?
We have a tutor that can help in almost every subject.  If you aren’t sure if we can help in your desired subject please don’t hesitate to ask!

Why should I use Totally Tutoring versus another tutoring company?
First and foremost we are a local team of tutors and we truly care about you and your child.  We are not a corporation that seeks to shuffle clients in and out of the door as quickly as possible.  We are highly trained, experienced professionals who want each and every one of our clients to succeed.

Secondly, we do not require a contract.   You may stop tutoring at any point.

Our reviews say it all read some of our testimonials.  You can read several testimonials from satisfied customers and students here.

How do your prices compare with the other tutoring companies?
On average, we are about half as expensive as most “big box” tutoring companies.

Can I request a specific tutor?
Of course!  If you would like to choose a specific tutor, read through their bios and select one here.

Can you teach my child effective study skills?
Definitely!  We have all been in a class where the instructor seems to be speaking a different language.  We have all felt overwhelmed by a test or a certain subject.  Let us help you break it down and alleviate the homework an test-prep headache.

My child just needs help with his/her homework, is this something you can do?
Totally Tutoring was started to alleviate the homework battle between students and parents.  Students are more inclined to listen to someone other than their parents when it comes to homework.

How long do I need to engage a tutor before I start seeing results?
This depends on the subject; most elementary students will see results in less than a month.  If you are doing Test Prep the standard time is 6 weeks to reach your goal score.  If you are interested in assistance with writing a paper or studying for a final one or two sessions can aid you tremendously.

How far ahead of the ACT test should I start tutoring?
The recommended lead time for test prep is six weeks prior to your scheduled test day.  You should book six-one and a half hour tutoring sessions prior to the test to achieve optimal results.

Do you provide a list of references I can call?
Please contact us at 801.520.3861 or and we will provide a reference list.

Where do you do the tutoring at?
Tutoring can be conducted in your home for a small travel fee or at a local library, college campus, bookstore or coffee shop.

More questions?  Please contact us at 801.520.3861 or