Amanda N.

Hi I’m Amanda. I have lived in Utah my entire life—splitting my time between the mountains and the desert. My father instilled in me a profound love for the outdoors, while my mother (who is a high-school English teacher) nurtured my profound love for the English language. I started reading at a very young age and began collecting accolades for my reading proficiency in elementary school. At age 10, I tested at a 12.9 reading level. That same year, I received two awards: one for the most books read in the school and the other for having the highest Accelerated Reader score in the school. My love for English grew as I advanced in my education—so much so that I decided to major in English Literature in college and dedicate my life to the study. I graduated from Weber State University with my English degree May of this year. During my stint as an undergrad, I worked in the English department as an English/writing tutor at the Writing Center for two years. Here, I received my ASCP Master Tutor Certification. The Writing Center’s main focus was to assist students with their English writing proficiency, but I tutored undergraduate, graduate, and ESL students in all subjects. My strength is academic writing and grammar, but I am also well-versed with creative writing and technical writing. I also helped students learn good study habits and time-management skills. Along with my experience as an English/writing tutor, I also have experience as an art teacher, where I taught children ages 6-12. Additionally, I worked as a substitute teacher at a charter school that facilitated grades K-9, so I am comfortable working with students of all ages. In my spare time, I love to read, write, create art, and explore this beautiful state.