Hi, I’m Benjamin Kerr! I suppose you want to know why I’m the right tutor for you, so let me tell you a little about my experience in education and in tutoring.

I graduated from Cottonwood High School with a 4.0 GPA, earning the title of Class Valedictorian. I also had the honor of receiving the Golden Horseshoe award, given to students who display academic excellence as well as a pattern of service and inclusion. I am currently a sophomore at Brigham Young University pursuing an economics major.

I discovered my love for tutoring in high school when I volunteered as a classroom aide in a mathematics class for English Second-Language students. The majority of these students were from poverty-stricken and sometimes war-torn countries in the Middle East and Africa; many of the students I helped were barely fluent in English and knew almost no math. The most valuable thing I learned from that experience is that it is possible for everyone to learn something, but it is essential to teach students at their own pace. Many of the students were unfamiliar with basic arithmetic, let alone the multi-step algebraic equations they were expected to learn for the class. This experience informed my current tutoring philosophy that the first job of a tutor is to fill in the “gaps” that exist in a student’s knowledge on a subject. In my experience, a student’s inability to understand a complex problem is often rooted in a basic concept they need to re-learn; once they understand all the fundamentals, students are frequently capable of tackling bigger, more complicated problems all on their own.

I specialize in tutoring for the ACT. I scored 35 out of 36 possible on the ACT. Having taken the ACT twice and helped many students improve their scores, I’m familiar with the core concepts and tricks the ACT contains. I can help students understand exactly what the ACT is “looking for” in a question.