College Tutoring

Let Us Alleviate Your Homework Headache

I had a difficult time in math from 8th grade until graduation, and never got further than Algebra 2. Fast forward years later when I had to confront math in college (Calculus) and I decided to get a tutor. Long story short, I hired Shantel from Totally Tutoring and ended up with a 100% on my Calculus final. I don’t mean to suggest that it didn’t require hard work on my part, but she was absolutely a terrific teacher and cheerleader to instruct and inspire along the way. – Mike, Student at University of Utah

Don’t throw away your money

Retaking college classes is EXPENSIVE. Investing in a tutor now will not only save you thousands of dollars in tuition, but will give your GPA the boost it needs. Don’t be dragged down by General Education classes that you do not want to but must take. Let us help you get them out of the way with as little stress as possible.

Helping you adjust

You’re in college now and classes are moving at a faster pace and covering topics in greater depth than you may be used to. Totally Tutoring wants to help you grasp the material, pass the final and develop critical thinking approaches and study skills along the way that will aid you throughout the rest of your college career. We have tutors with a vast array of specialties that have been there before and come out on top, degree in hand. You are likely not going to receive the direct communication with professors that was available in high school and they are certainly not going to change their teaching style for you. Let us adapt the material that you struggle with in a way that you can comprehend. We will be there with you through it all: assignments, notes, midterms and finals.

College Subjects

  • Math
  • English
  • Humanities
  • Sciences
  • Spanish
  • Resume Building