I have been in the education field since 2008. I’ve worked with at risk youth in after school programs. These programs included kindergarten to high school work involving history, math, chemistry, biology, and some English. The programs were located in Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs in California and New Orleans (2008) and Parks and Recreation facilities in Michigan (2009-2012).  I have experience developing my own lesson plans and performing classroom management.

I was a Program Director at a camp in Michigan for the Blind and visually impaired (2012-2013). There I taught wilderness skills and ran educational programs on biology. In 2013, I worked for the Conservation Corps of Minnesota. I took deaf and hard of hearing high school students out on wilderness treks through state and national parks. I taught them job development skills, college prep courses (math, biology, and little chemistry), and self-esteem building.

In 2014, I worked for the University of Wisconsin National Primate Research Center. There I performed non-evasion behavioral research. I worked on quantifiable research data and statistics to bring about positive observational research to be used in studies for the National Institute of Health. Currently, I work for the Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind. There I have managed a classroom working with skills I developed through my years in the education field. I use the teaching method of Love and Logic, where allowing the student to make their own guided choices and putting the responsibility back on the student allows for more controlled independence and exploration of the self.

My specialties in academics include biology, math, statistics, history and literature. And I have training in several forms of studying and test taking.