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Numbers speak the loudest

If most of you parents don’t remember studying to take the ACT or other standardized testing, it’s probably because you didn’t. Standardized test preparation is a relatively new phenomenon that has become imperative in today’s academically competitive world. While there are several factors that colleges and universities take into consideration during the admissions process, your ACT score is certainly one of the most decisive. Whether you agree or disagree with the emphasis placed on a single test score, this is fact. Our tutors understand this and we want your ACT score to be a highlight on your application, not a blemish.

Invest in your future

Every student has their own unique educational and career aspirations, but no matter who you are, success on standardized tests is going to open doors. Not only may acceptance to one’s dream school ride on his or her ACT score, but for many students, money is at stake as well, in the form of scholarships and credits. Passing AP tests gives you class credits and saves tuition; ACT  scores can earn you scholarships and pass you out of lower division classes as well; the GED allows you to enter the workforce with credentials that translate into higher wages; the GRE  and GMAT give you access to advanced career fields with major mobility potential.

Test prep is our passion

At Totally Tutoring, we are more than capable tutors in all subjects, but test prep (the ACT in particular) is our forte. All of our test prep tutors have outstanding ACT scores and more importantly, the skill set and enthusiasm to raise your student’s score. Whether it is their first go at it or the fifth round, we guarantee results. We strongly recommend beginning sessions at least six weeks before the test date but our procrastinator clients have most certainly seen results as well. We are not selling you a generalized lesson plan or profiting from publishing material—we are committing to a customized learning experience to give your student the greatest advantage possible, whatever their goals may be.