My name is Trenton. I am from Murray Utah and ever since elementary school, I have enjoyed the sciences and math. I continued my education onto the University of Utah and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering emphasizing in design and strengths of materials. I currently am a Process Engineer and work to manufacture carbon fiber and composites for aerospace and defense. I regularly gain real world experience using math and science to solve problems and overcome challenges and I have helped many family members and friends with their education in math and science classes.

I volunteer with the youth in my area from ages 11 to 18 teaching them life lessons, and I have learned valuable lessons in the interaction with children. This is amplified by the learnings gained from my two awesome kids. I have a passion for learning and am always looking for new things to learn, most recently I have taught myself the art of baking sourdough bread, and mastering my own recipes on the smoker. I enjoy playing board/card/video games of all kinds, riding motorcycles and camping.