The school year is coming to an end and grades will be posted soon. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you get a 2 month break from the hassle of fighting to get homework done, trying to remember how to do 5th grade math and hounding your high school junior about his or her grades. Sure you get a 2 month break, but then what? You just right back into the same routine and get the same results? What if next school year could be better? What if checking your student’s grades didn’t give you anxiety, someone else helped your 6th grader with their math homework and your now high school senior scored so well on his ACT test that he got a scholarship to collage?

Relax. Breathe. Here is how we can help:

Hiring a tutor to help your child with their homework can have a dramatic impact on their education. Our tutors come to your home and can help your children with their homework, for almost any subject. Not only does this stop the fight to get homework done in the first place, but it increases their level of understanding about the subject, helps them prepare for tests and ultimately improves their grades. Curriculums are constantly changing and our tutors are up to speed on the methods being taught in your child’s school. Don’t let homework become a cause of contention in your home; get homework help-you won’t regret it!

Is your high school student struggling to earn good grades? Are they scoring low on the ACT test or discouraged about attending college? Tutoring can help. Often times a student doesn’t understand one lesson and then falls behind on all future lessons. Or they miss a couple of days of school, the homework builds up and suddenly they can’t catch up. If your high school student is becoming discouraged with school and doesn’t feel like school is for them, we can help. Oftentimes all it takes is a few tutoring lessons to help them get caught up and understanding the lessons. Private, in-home tutoring helps your child not only improve their grades, but also builds confidence as they suddenly are doing well, are not behind and know that they can do it. You can stop this situation from spiraling out of control but starting the year off right and working with Totally Tutoring from the beginning, before problems have a chance to begin.

Don’t let next school year be more of the same, start the year off right by having a Totally Tutoring tutor come into your home and work with your student. Don’t get discouraged or anxious about the year ahead; get excited that things will improve. Plus you don’t have to re-learn math all over again.