With the sun and the play, it can be hard to convince your kids that studying during the summer is a good idea. However, the benefits of summer tutoring can help to round out your child’s education and to maintain the structure and flow of school.


Here are some of the benefits of summer tutoring:

1. It helps reduce knowledge loss.

During the school year, kids are presented with hefty amounts of information. And with all that information and knowledge, the adage “use it or lose it” comes into play. When students end the school year but don’t crack open a book for three months, much of what they learned throughout the year will be lost, leaving them unprepared for the next year.

2. It can boost understanding of difficult subjects.

Difficult subjects don’t end just because the school year did. School is structured to build upon what was learned during years prior. If your student didn’t quite master that difficult grammar subject or math equation this last year, he or she will struggle to learn the newer topics that require a solid foundation of previous learning. Tutoring during the summer can help your child master those difficult subjects and be ready to go next fall.

3. It can maintain structure and self-discipline.

It is easy to throw off the ending school year and celebrate the freedom that provides. Summer freedom certainly has its benefits, but completely forgoing structure and a schedule can mean a difficult transition back into school come fall. Furthermore, mastering self-discipline is an essential skill for college, where professors are mostly hands-off. Students need to be able to study and learn even when they don’t have a full-time teacher marking their progress. Tutoring can help students accomplish this essential skill.

4. It can help kids develop a love of learning.

While it is important to study troublesome subjects and master those skills, summer tutoring can also be flexible enough to allow students to study topics they want to learn, instead of being beholden to school curriculum. Fostering a love or appreciation of learning is much easier when kids can delve into subjects in which they have an interest.

So, if your child has a burning desire to study the history of rock and roll while in pursuit of mastering the guitar, summer is a great time to do that. Or, if your child loves science but struggles with English so has to spend more time during the school year studying grammar and spelling, summer science projects will help to nurture that love of science. Be flexible and ask your child want interests her or him.

All in all summer tutoring keeps kids on track with their learning, which ultimately helps them down the road even into college. Don’t sell your kids’ education short this summer, but instead integrate supplemental learning into the summertime fun.